Boone’s Farm Tastes Like Regret and Bad Choices


So, I have this new friend that I mentioned last week, Harmony Hobbs of  We’re in this writer group together that has women writers from all over the world and it turns out she lives 5 minutes down the road.  Literally.  As in 3.2 miles.

Anyhow, she came over last night and we participated in a Google+ hangout with MomCaveTv.  I have totally popped my writer cherry this month by getting published, having an author signing, and now, hanging out during a live internet chat.

Because Harmony is apparently as ridiculous as I am, we decided it would be funny to wear onesie pajamas and drink Boone’s Farm.  Believe it or not, I had a hard time tracking down Boone’s Farm.  We broke the bank and bought one of every flavor at $2.79 a bottle.  Holy shit that’s cheap.  Was it that cheap in high school?


Mom Cave TV is the brain-child of Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, Stephanie Faith Scott,  Valise Tate (whom I am disappointed was not on there with us!), and J. Sibley Law.  It has won a ton of international awards and is brilliant, and I am kind of surprised they let us into their world.

Harmony and I are still excited about it, the day after, because we like to make fools of ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously.  We broke down what southern mommas say to our Yankee friends over the course of 20 minutes.  I’m pretty sure that they are still confused as to what the hell happens down here in the South.

Harmony gussied up this photo above for us.  It pretty much sums it up…Check out the video here:

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