Are You There, God? It’s Me, Radcliffe.


Radcliffe is obsessed with God, one of many obsessions, I admit, but this is an ongoing conversation in our house.  Heaven and hell, God and his son, different belief systems, you get the drift.

He is constantly asking me questions about God, usually prior to bedtime when he has time to mull over these questions.  The other night, Radcliffe started grilling me out of the blue about God and whether bad people burn in hell.  I tried to give him a benign answer, because I don’t think he’s old enough to have such a conversation.  Then, he started in with the questions.  The conversation went like this:

Radcliffe:  I have lots of questions for God.

Me:  Oh, yeah?

Radcliffe:  Yeah, like is heaven and hell like Minecraft?

Me:  Hmmm, doubtful.

Radcliffe:  Is God a phantom?

Me:  Sort of…

Radcliffe:  You know, I would be sad if you died, but I know I’d see you in heaven again.  I also want to know why God made drugs.

Me:  Well, God didn’t really make drugs, man did.

Radcliffe:  Well, is Jesus the first orphan?  Does that mean he’s the first adopted child?

Me:  That’s a great observation.

Radcliffe:  I also want to know if aliens are real.

Me:  Man, these are a lot of questions for God.

Radcliffe:  Yeah, but I don’t think I’ll remember them, so I think I’m going to write them all down and carry a list around for all time, so when I die, I’ll be prepared to ask him.


1 thought on “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Radcliffe.

  1. I admire his faith. I think we all have questions, Radcliffe. I also believe they will all be answered when we get to heaven so just keep making that list!

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