Magic Confetti Will Make You Sleep Forever

Radcliffe, our youngest has anxiety about everything, and the start of school just amplifies his jitters. We went to the open house over the weekend and his sweet new teacher sent him home with this sweet book.

The book talks about jitters and
sleeping with the confetti under your pillow. Radcliffe looked at the bag and said ‘I don’t know, Mom, it kind of looks like crumpled paper.’ Then, I realized that I’m not even sure he’s seen real confetti before. Hmmm.

Anyhow, the next day he started school. About an hour after he goes to bed, he comes downstairs and tells us he can’t sleep and that he NEEDS the glitter to sleep. My husband sprinkled some into his hand and this is what Radcliffe says: ‘Don’t get too crazy with it dad.’

I overheard him walking up the stairs saying to himself ‘can’t get too crazy because I might not wake up. I don’t want to sleep forever.’




6 thoughts on “Magic Confetti Will Make You Sleep Forever

  1. What a cute idea! Sounds like she’ll be a great teacher! Hope both the boys have a great first day!!

  2. Awwww! You must be very excited that he has this teacher this year! Talk about creative and going the extra mile!

  3. I am sharing a link to this so my fellow teachers can see. So awesome when a teacher makes the student feel so important.

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