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Holiday Home Tour

I hosted a Christmas brunch the week after Thanksgiving. One of the women who came to our house, walked in and said to me, ‘You take Christmas very seriously.” I laughed, because it’s not even my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is), but I do love decorating for the holidays!

My husband and I had a snow themed wedding almost eleven years ago. Because of this, everything seems to revolve around snow in our decorations. The amusing thing is that we have only seen snow where we live twice since we’ve been together. We have a few traditions during the holidays, including collecting Swarovski ornaments and silver and gold snow globes. One of my favorites decorations is our tree skirt embroidered with our monogram.

I think, though, one of my favorite traditions now has to be the holiday cards. One of the things I am sort of obsessed with is stationary and paper. Because of this, I was never happy with the cards I would buy, because I would always want to add a little extra ‘flair’ to them. So, I started making them. You can see in the pictures my process. I sketch out what I want, my husband scans it, and then formats it on the computer. Then, I add all of the glitter, rhinestones, and embossing to my hearts’ desire. The best part is that the kids get in on the action, and help to glitter and watercolor them, so it truly has become a family tradition.

This year, the theme of everything seemed to be ‘Joy’. I took it as signs that everywhere I turned had ‘joy’ decorations after the post I wrote about ‘choosing joy’ ran on the Huffington Post. So, this year, friends, I leave you with the words I wrote on our cards:

Choose joy, and be fearless,
for this is your life.
Live in the moment,
as it is fleeting a moment
as a freshly fallen snowflake