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I’ve recently decided to quit letting my writing/computer/whatever-you-want-to-call-it overrun our kitchen table. It was distracting, unorganized, and I never walked away from the chaos. We have a small room in the front of our house that I use to write, but had never integrated any of my other stuff/junk into the room. With holidays and parties around the corner, I decided it was time to fix this situation! I really wanted to go for something neutral, more of a blank space to look at when I write, so this was the direction I started venturing towards.

First, my mother-in-law helped me paint the room with a paint from Sherwin-Williams called ‘Lady Nicole’. It’s on their white palette, plus Nicole is my bestie’s middle name, so I took it as a sign. I used my birthday money to get this white lacquered desk from World Market. This was another sign, as it is named the ‘Josephine’ desk. My great aunt Josephine was the first person who taught me there are good people in the world. I wrote about it here, in a previous post titled, ‘The Quest for a Daisy’: http://www.mischiefandshenanigans.com/?s=daisy

I’m really into signs, can you tell? My husband and children gave me this beautiful chair from CB2 that I have been drooling over for months now, and I picked up this cloud-like rug from Tuesday Morning. If you don’t know me, just know that Target is a very, very, very happy place for me. I picked up this gold angular Nate Berkus vase (and resisted buying all of his other pieces–I can hardly believe it myself!), and this pale turquoise Threshold tray. Here is another sign: I framed this photo, it’s one of my favorites, which I wrote about in the Huffington Post about this captured moment teaching me to choose joy when faced with devastating events (read it here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/audrey-hayworth/this-is-where-you-left-me_b_5958120.html ). I found this Threshold joy sign in the holiday section, but I think I need to keep it up all year round, because let’s get real — who doesn’t need a gold glittered sign in their office?

And finally, the most magnificent thing: the wall of framed mirrored calendars. I found these Threshold frames at Target (but, of course) and knew immediately this is what I wanted to do with them. For weeks, I kept going back and buying out their stock. The genius part of this is that I can reuse them every year, they are beautiful and make me giddy, and I can use an EXPO marker (which wipe right off of glass) to mark off the days I write to stare at me to get off my butt! EXPO markers are also products I can get behind. Read my viral post here: http://www.mischiefandshenanigans.com/?s=Expo&submit=Search My patient husband and brother hung these for me, and I’m not sure I will ever live it down. However, I clapped when I saw them, I was so happy!

The only thing I had left was the calendar. I scoured etsy and could not find any printable calendar in an 8 x 10 to fit in the frames. Then, I found Peachpod Paperie, my new friends! I fell in love with these printable calendars, which could be customized in 46 colors. The only thing is that they didn’t come in the size I needed. BUT, they customized them for me! Seriously, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

I love, love, love my updated office! I also love how productive I am when I sit down in here… big things are going to come out of this office, I can feel it!

Where you can find everything:

World Market Josephine Desk:


Peachpod Paperie on Etsy:

Nate Berkus Gold Vase:

Mirrored Frames, Blue Tray, & Joy sign:
Threshold, Target

Shag Rug:

Paint: Lady Nicole by Sherwin Williams





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