Butt Plug, or, what I like to call ‘how my kid will embarrass me at school’

Radcliffe has all of a sudden become obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog. While annoying, it really has been no big deal. Until today.

Today, I left the boys with my parents to run a short errand. Radcliffe was watching Sonic. Of course, I didn’t know it was on YouTube, and not the iPad, which is important for the remainder of the story. When I come home, I shit you not, this is the conversation between my mother and I (and out of earshot of the boys):

Mom: ‘I need to ask you a personal question about sex.’

Me: ‘Not happening, Mom.’

Mom: ‘No, really. It’s about anal sex.’

Me: ‘Nope. Definitely not.’

Mom: ‘Is anal sex now a thing? Like all couples do it?’

Me: (mortified) ‘Uuuuuuhhhhhh. Why are you asking me this?’

Mom: ‘Radcliffe was watching Sonic and it had a line in there about butt plugs.’

Me: ‘WHAT?? Did you make him turn it off??????’

Mom: ‘Well, no. I just figured maybe it was now a mainstream thing that everyone talks about.’

Yes, really.

I’ll deal with my mom and that whole situation later. But, in the meantime, I found out Radcliffe was watching Sonic on YouTube and repeated the line about the butt plug. Ugh. These are the moments I dread being a parent. After I told him that we aren’t allowed to watch Sonic on YouTube, or say those words again, I started to dread this week. Yep, he starts school this week. And we all know what that means….. It’s going to be the first words out of his mouth to his new teacher.


11 thoughts on “Butt Plug, or, what I like to call ‘how my kid will embarrass me at school’

  1. Please tell your mom, “NO!” first of all. Second of all, really? Sonic? That is scary. Of course, my son is 17, so he could tell me things that will keep me awake at night.

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