I just can’t….

Since school is out, I have to drag the boys everywhere. I had to take my car in for maintenance and I foolishly thought ‘no big deal, what’s the worst that could happen?’

Even early in the morning, the waiting room is full, full of people with fully functioning eyes and ears. This is how the day starts:

Radcliffe: (with his outside voice) ‘I’m soooo glad my diarrhea stopped and my stomach’s not hurting anymore.’

Me: ‘Shhhhh!’

Radcliffe: ‘Mom, really. I mean diarrhea hurts so bad.’

Then, not once, not twice, BUT THREE times this turd tries to eat his freaking toenails. In public.

People have started to move away from us now….

Next, he starts to pick his nose. When I told him to stop, he screams, ‘What? Everyone picks their nose, even you!’

The next time he was corrected, he fought back with, ‘Jesus, Mom, your breath smells like desperation.’

Now all of the people have moved away from the nasty family to the other side of the room. Some are trying to be slick and go to the vending machine, only to sit in another seat when they come back, ways away from us.

We then went to lunch and as I’m standing in line, I of course see multiple people I haven’t seen in months. Right at the moment they say hello to me, Radcliffe slaps Theodore across the face. I just can’t with this kid today…..

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