Vegetables & Vibrations

We had swimming lessons this morning, and we have to leave at the ass crack of dawn to make it on time. So, you can imagine me with no coffee and a lunatic in the car.

First, Radcliffe wants to know if I have any dreams he can borrow. Why, you ask? Because he ‘hates clowns. I keep dreaming about clowns and all they do is steal peoples’ colors.’

Then, he asks what my plans are for the day. When I tell him I am going to the hair salon to get my roots fixed, he says: ‘Huh. Are you going to get those lines fixed on your forehead, too?’

After lessons, we walked back to the car, and he starts screaming, ‘where have you been?!’ I look around, and no one is there. I asked him who he was talking to and he says, ‘Him’ and points to his reflection on the car. ‘I missed him.’

We get in the car to go home and he says: ‘Mom, it’s time to clean your car. It smells like vegetables and vibrations in here.’

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