Lorax birthday

I dropped the ball this year on planning Radcliffe’s birthday party. So, in less than a week, this is what I pulled together….

I didn’t send out invitations, which if you know me at all, is something I am obsessed with. The guilt took over, and at 9:30 Wednesday night, I decided to paint a piece of plywood that was hanging out in our garage. Why yes, my husband does think I’m crazy. When Radcliffe saw it the next day, he exclaimed: ‘I LOVE it, Mom!’ Good, because it’s going in your room….

We ordered a lemon dobache from Alexander’s (my happy place), which I decorated with fluffy things to look like Truffela trees, and of course, a rock that I painted ‘unless’ on.

For the activity, the kids planted a succulent (much easier than an actual tree), and topped it off with their own rock.

My new favorite decorations for parties are these giant balloons. Minimal effort, maximum impact. Plus, they’re bigger than the kids, so they think that’s sooo cool.

The only thing Radcliffe insisted on, besides Mexican food, was a piñata. It was ready to go, AND THEN WE FORGOT TO DO IT!!!!! And, of course, this kid holds lifetime grudges. So, here is a picture of the boys beating the piñata after all of our friends and families left. Epic fail. I did catch a sweet moment of the boys eating their candy together, along with our obese dog.

The best part about the day, though, was when I tucked Radcliffe in that night. After I kissed him on the forehead, he says, ‘Thanks for making me feel special, Mom.’









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