Why, God, why?!

This is a little too tmi, but too funny not to share…. Radcliffe is a connoisseur of eating non-food items— plants, dirt, metal, dogfood, you name it. This occasionally causes bowel distress….

He was in the bathroom having diarrhea and I was waiting around the corner giving him some privacy. He starts screaming/wailing at the top of his lungs: ‘Why, God, why???? Whyyyyyyy!!!! Why would you do this to me????’

I was trying really hard not to laugh, and then I hear him bargaining with God: ‘I’m sorry I ate what I wasn’t supposed to. I won’t do it again. WHYYYYYYYYYY, God, why…… The devil has left my body!’

Wow. Is it too much to hope for that maybe this time he has learned his lesson?

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