Smoking is bad for your health

Radcliffe and I had lunch at an outdoor cafe. While sitting there, a woman walked out and started smoking approximately two feet from us. Close enough that I knew this was headed in a bad direction.

I should also preface this story with the fact that Radcliffe has ABSOLUTELY no concept of an ‘inside voice’. No discretion whatsoever.

Radcliffe wrinkles his nose and literally looks down his nose at her, as if peering over a set of glasses.

Radcliffe: ‘Mom, do you smoke?’

Me: ‘Sssshhhh, no sweetie, I don’t. But don’t say that so loud.’

Radcliffe: (even louder, I might add) ‘Smoking is really bad for your health.’

Then he points at her and says, ‘Do you think I should tell her?’

Son, I think you just did.


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