Customer service

My mother-in-law and I braved Wal-Mart with both children to buy a few things while on a short vacation. We were second in line to what I could only describe as an uppity you-know-what.

She leaves in a huff, and the cashier starts to check us out. Poor thing, she was one of two cashiers working, and clearly overloaded. Seconds later, she comes back and starts to berate the cashier that the price of something she bought was $3.62, not $4.62, and it was wholly unprofessional of her to not update the computer.

I’m standing there, kind of in awe of her rudeness when I notice that Radcliffe is contemplating reaching out to poke her, kind of in slow motion, like he is wrestling with the idea. And then he does it. He pokes her. He wanted to tell the lady that she was being rude.

I hated to have to correct him, I really wanted to give him a high five. I mean, if a 6 year old can tell you’re being rude, you should know, too.

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