A tale of lazy holiday parenting

For some reason this year, I have put off just about everything to get ready for Christmas. This includes decorating the gingerbread house. Look closely– yes, I am too lazy to make the icing, so my kids are using school glue. My husband gave me a look, because if you look closely, it is the same school glitter glue that Radcliffe recently drank. Yep, I’m that great parent. I mean, it IS nontoxic.

Of course, the glue didn’t work, ugh!! So, I had to make the icing. This is our gingerbread house, in all its glory. We are definitely no Dr. Danny Castellano!

Speaking of LAZY, check out our elf. Let me be clear– we have a very lazy elf. No freaking way am I going to make a mess, only for me to have to clean it up the next day. Good for all of you overachievers in the Elf department, but I won’t be joining you, I will admire from afar, and listen to the stories our kids tell us about other kids’ naughty elves. Elfie has been ‘taking a nap’ for several days now, because I can’t bring myself to get out of the damn bed to go move him. Or even sit him up, apparently.




5 thoughts on “A tale of lazy holiday parenting

  1. I rather like the gingerbread house and how its door sits at a fashionably rebellious angle. It reminds me of a neighborhood we both know well, where there was recently a murder at 10:30 am, by the way.

  2. Also telling your kids Elfie is “taking a nap” isn’t lazy parenting. Now if you were talking about a beloved pet who hadn’t moved in days, that would be a different story.

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