The Middle Finger

Hello, everyone! It’s been awhile– holidays and all. However, that does not mean that Radcliffe has slacked off in the embarrassment department.

First, he tells my uncle that he has decided he does not like him because he is bald. To his face.

Then, he said he WILL NOT get old if that means he will be bald.

Next, he sees a picture of me on the cover of a local magazine and says, ‘that does NOT look like you at all. Are you sure that’s you?’

Then, as we walk into therapy, he points at me. When I tell him that’s not a nice, he proceeds to flip me off. With both hands. I mean, listen, I have the mouth of a sailor, but I have definitely never shown my kid the finger. I think. At least not to his face.

Anyhow, the receptionist saw and shook her head. Ugh, the shame! When I say that he’d better never do that b.s. again, and ask him where he heard that, he blamed it on a kid at school. Somehow, I have a creeping suspicion that it is him teaching middle finger manners at school, not someone else.

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