Running out of money

Yesterday, Radcliffe comes to me and tells me he needs to ‘have a serious conversation.’ This is what transpired:

Radcliffe: Mom, are we running out of money because you don’t have a job?
Me: Rex, I do have a job; I am you and your brothers’ mother.
Radcliffe: But don’t you think you need a real job that pays real money?
Me: My job is to be your mother and take care of you. Besides, that’s for your dad and me to worry about.
Radcliffe: That’s some heavy material, mom, that’s some real heavy material.

Then, I tuck him in bed last night and his piggy bank was sitting next to his bed. He says: ‘Mom, in case you need the money, I’m rich. I have $3 and you can borrow it if you need to.’

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