Whole dollar real

So I have quite a few things to write about that Radcliffe has said this week….

First, earlier this week, I tried to go over letters and numbers with Radcliffe, and the master manipulator that he is, turns it around on me. “Mom. It’s time we instead have a conversation with you about whether or not it’s time to start wearing diapers 24 hours a day.”

Then, I hear him talking to himself. “Lying is bad. White lies are still bad, but usually meant to not hurt someone’s feelings. Mom! Did I tell you today that you are looking young and beautiful?” Slick. Real slick.

Yesterday, he asked if we could play a game. Fake versus Real. He would give me options to name that he would then, in turn, tell me whether they were real or fake. House. Real. Unicorns. Fake. Frogs. Real. Tooth Fairy. ‘Whole dollar real!’

Today, all he wants is for me to prove that I have a weak heart.

He seems to be prepping for my early death……

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