Too cool

I’m always reminded of why Radcliffe goes to therapy by what he says to the therapists. He tells the therapist and the office staff that ‘you can touch boogers, but you can’t eat them.’ Nasty.

Then we are driving to school from therapy when I hear him talking to himself. He says, ‘I wonder how much money I am going to need to start a new life and identity. I guess I should start saving.’

I said, ‘Radcliffe, why do you want a new identity? I love that you are in my life.’

He says, ‘Well, when I grow up I am definitely going to need a new identity.’

Great. So what he’s telling is that he is either a: going to commit a felony, or b: he is going to witness a felony and need the services of witness protection.

Then we get behind a sheriffs’ vehicle at a red light. Radcliffe commands ‘Mom! Follow that cop! We need to see what he’s doing.’ Of course, I took him to school instead.

As we are walking into school, I hear him talking to himself. ‘You are under arrest, Radcliffe. For what? For being TOO cool.’

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