I love to be embarrassed

On Tuesdays, Radcliffe has social skills therapy. I am constantly reminded why he needs this when he causes me to blush in public. Today was no exception….

I checked him out of school and stopped to get gas before we drove across town. As we were walking out of the gas station, he passes a man not two feet from us and started screaming at him, “you have such a crazy long neck.” The poor man did have a long neck and you could tell he was embarrassed. I wanted to crawl in a hole.

When we got into the car and we talked about why this was a hurtful thing to say, he says to me, “Would it have been better to say ‘my, what a long neck you have’?” I mean, really, is he talking to the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood?

As we’re driving, he then informs me that it is time for him to start driving school because he is a terrible driver. So help me, God……

3 thoughts on “I love to be embarrassed

  1. If Rex told me “My, what a long neck you have, my dear,” I would say “The better to turn and watch you with, my dear!” But why would he say that when my more noticeable feature is more likely to cause him to sing BUBBLE BUTT! Hehehe

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