Equal/the Same

Eric and I brought Theodore to D.C. for the last few days. My husband is here for a conference, and DC is my favorite city, so I was super jazzed to bring Theodore and show him around.
I’ve had lots of thoughts lately, looking at my blonde, blue eyed child and how just through his birth, looks, and gender he is automatically afforded rights. I want to make sure he understands that not everyone has been given that, and many are still fighting for theirs. I also want him to understand bystander behavior, and how it is up to people like us to not look the other way when bad things happen. I often wonder how different my life might have been had certain people not turned away from the evil I endured.
Anyhow, our congressman’s office gave us a personal tour of the Capitol. This was amazing!! In the rotunda is a chunk of marble with three busts of women suffragettes. There is a chunk still uncarved, waiting for the first woman president.
We then went to the Holocaust museum, my personal favorite.
Today, over lunch, we talked about both the Capitol and the Holocaust museum. He asked me again why there has never been a woman president. Although I had no good answer for this, yet again, I took this chance to explain to his about the 19th amendment.
He looked confused and I asked if he had any questions. He said, “I do. I thought we were all the same?”
I couldn’t have said it better myself.



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