My very own report card

So, the last ten days have been particularly chaotic. Deadlines,meltdowns, and some meltdowns of my very own. Two very annoying things happened: I shattered my phone (again!) and we had a car accident. We were rearended and everyone was okay. However, this means I had to get a rental car, which turned out to be a bigger ordeal than anticipated.

The rental company had promised me a rental and did not deliver on their promise. By the end of the day, I was at my wits end. The rental company gave me a small rental to drive across town and change out for this beast of a car, aka, the suburban.

This did not sit well with Radcliffe, apparently, because he had something to say about it once we got there. I turned my head for 30 seconds (isn’t that how all my stories start?) and he had climbed onto the counter and started screaming, “get me out of that nasty car, now!”

Mortifying! Anyhow, I get home and Radcliffe hands me this piece of paper. Apparently, this is my report card for the week. He said, “I think you’ve handled it all quite nicely. You get an A plus plus plus plus.”


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