All cats have Aspergers

For those of you that don’t know, both of our boys are on the Autism spectrum. For the last year, at least once a week, Theodore cries at night when he goes to bed because he says he feels ‘different from the other kids’. For the last two months, he keeps asking if something is wrong with him because the other kids think he’s weird. My response every time has been that we’re all a little weird and everyones’ brains work differently. My husband and I decided a few weeks ago that that if the opportunity presented itself, I would explain to him that he is on the spectrum and this is a gift. I definitely wanted to control the environment so that he felt safe, and it wasn’t a bully telling him this.

In preparation for this scenario, I ordered a few childrens’ books for him on the subject. Well, of course, the opportunity presented itself before the books came in. Theo was crying again, because he did several inappropriate things at school that day and he was embarrassed. I asked him why he thought he did those things. He said, “because I am different.”

Well, needless to say, I explained what it meant that he was on the spectrum. His one question? “Can you get me some books about it?”

Anyhow, one of the books I got him is “All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome.” If you know anyone who has a child on the spectrum, or your child knows someone who is, get this book!. It is fantastic!! It does a great job explaining autism to a child, even some adults, even.


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